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Time to get started

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Hello to everyone. I'm afraid I fall into the category of newbie, but it's time for me to get started, unless I just want to be a victim of what I believe to be some very tough times ahead. I almost think the greatest threat to our survival (Americans in general), comes from enjoying our high standard of living for so many years, having become accustomed to such a high comfort level, which unfortunately has us so dependent on others for that modern lifestyle. Frankly, that frightens me, as I see our country continue to deteriorate at such an alarming rate. I have to somehow find a way to become at least somewhat more self-sufficient, even though I sense that it may be too late for someone just starting from scratch. Anyway, I'm hoping to learn a lot here in these forums from all of you that were smart enough to see this collapse of our economy coming a number of years ago. And I hope eventually I will be able to contribute to some one else's preparedness.

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  1. johnnie l.'s Avatar
    Please don't live in fear Wake up happy every morning knowing that you have decided to Live even in troubled times and It is never to late to start prepping. You have already done your family a service just by thinking about what could happen and what can you do about it