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water filters and water purification

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Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink. Well you may think that but with the right knowledge even the dirtiest of water can be made to drink be it from a mud puddle or a scummy looking pond.

All you have to remember is the rules filtering + purification = safe to drink and that's with all water collected. You will never forget the first time you get sick from improperly treated water at least I never forgot.

I'm going to go over a water filter that will clean the most dirtiest water you can find and it's very easy to make also remember that filters only take out the visible bugs from water the invisible bugs are taken out by purification.

Here are the supplies you'll need to make the filter

1 liter plastic bottle if you don't have access to a plastic bottle you can use birch bark it peels from the tree in sheets just take the bark making a tube out of it and secure it with a shoelace, vine, para-cord ETC. or any clean container.

3 socks rolled tightly if you don't have socks you can use a tee shirt cut into 3 strips 3 coffee filters, 3 pieces of clean cloth ETC.

Charcoal from a fire, charcoal is the black material burnt wood DO NOT USE any white ash because this is lye! Blow off all the white ash

Moss or lush green grass.

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Step one cut the water bottle in half creating a filter and water catcher.

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Step two stuff one tightly rolled sock into the bottom of the filter.

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Step three put some of the charcoal on top of the sock you placed into the filter

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Step four stuff another of the tightly rolled socks into the filter.

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Step five put in the moss or lush grass into the filter.

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Step six top it off the filter with the last tightly rolled sock and smash it all down nice and tight.

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Put the filter into the catcher and start filtering.

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here is the water I dirtied up to test the filter.

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Here is the same water after going through the filter.

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There are many filters on the market today that will do the same job and some an even better job at filtering but remember most you have to replace parts after so many uses with the above filter you have unlimited parts and you can always get new ones or clean up the parts of this filter.

Now for purification, purifying water takes out the invisible bugs the ones that will make you very sick and believe me you don't want these.

My first choice of purifying water is to boil it, boiling is when the water reaching a certain tempature and the water starts to roll and there is visible steam. I boil all my water for ten minutes I know others say shorter or longer time but ten minutes should do the trick.

Boiling also depends on if you have a container to boil water in. If you don't have a container you can make a makeshift container out of birch bark and boil the water using very hot rocks and stones. Just leave the stones in a fire for abit and once hot using a stick drop them into your water, believe me it won't take long to boil.

Second choice would be chemically be it bleach, iodine or any type of chemical purifier on the market be it Aqua tabs or potable water.

When using bleach to purify water use 16 sixteen drops to a gallon of filtered water. NOTE DO NOT USE SCENTED BLEACH..

When using Iodine to treat your water use 8 to 10 drops for each liter about a quart of filtered water. You want Iodine Tincture with 2% Iodine and about 47% alcohol. Bottles of this solution should be available at your local drugstore.

When using any of the other methods please follow the instructions on the bottle. (Aqua tabs, Potable water)

I hope this short posting was helpful and if you should have any questions please feel free to email me.

Till next time!

All pictures taken by Brian AKA Survivalguy

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  1. Chefsimms's Avatar
    Great blog,thank-you very much...can`t wait to see more
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    Thank you Chefsimms ..stay tuned
  3. Applejack's Avatar
    This is great info. thanks a lot. I have a berkey system, but in an emergency or if something happens to the berkey, I'll have a new way to filter drinking water.