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    How to Make Hide Glue

    A traditional skills that can be of great use in a wilderness living or long term survival situation...

  • survival bushcraft fish trap

    Stick Fish Traps

    This is a great old Native American fish trapping technique. It’s best used in tidal waters ri...

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    Horno Oven

    A mud-brick oven, or horno, is a great way to bake things while in a primitive living situation. It ...

  • 101_1887

    Birch Basket

    The birch basket is an expedient way to make a water-tight container. One may never need take the ba...

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    Hoko Knife

    A hoko is a simple yet practical knife being easily made in the bush. The first one was found in an ...

Intro to Raising Chickens

raising chickens

Chickens are great for food and self-sufficiency.  They are the oldest domesticated animal in the world, which means people have been using them for eggs, meat, manure compost, and insect control for  thousands of years.  If you’re thinking about starting ...

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10 Weeds that Heal

healing weeds

So many of us look towards Roots, herbs and plants for natural organic healing, that often times Weeds are overlooked. Here are 10 Weeds That heal. These are some great ones & uses we had not seen or heard of ...

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How to make Old Fashioned Ketchup – Recipe

ketchup recipes

Clipping of an old Fashioned Ketchup Recipe we thought you might like Old-Fashioned Ketchup 48 medium tomatoes (8 lbs.), peeled 2 ripe red peppers, chopped 2 sweet green peppers, chopped 4 onions, chopped 3 c. white vinegar 3 c. sugar ...

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Comparison of Lightweight Shelter Protection


In this discussion of lightweight shelters we will be looking at 5 basic shelter options for use in back country travel and discuss some of the advantages and drawbacks of each system in terms of protection they provide. The scope ...

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How to Scramble Eggs Inside the Shell

how to scramble eggs in shell

Scrambled Eggs in the Shell? We thought this was a really cool and unique trick! While this may not be very practical it is a really neat trick & fun to do. Not exactly really “scrambled” but it’s still neat. ...

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