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5 Ways to Start a Fire with Water

5 Ways to Start a Fire Using Water

  Did you know that water not only puts out fires but can also start them? Water can magnify sunlight rays through a process called refraction. When used and focused properly it can create an extremely hot focused beam capable ...

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10 Herbs that Heal

medicinal herbs

When modern medicine is not available, or if you just choose to live a all natural self sufficient life style it’s important to know and understand what natural remedies out there can do for you.  Medicinal Herbs have been in ...

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Forty Knots You Should Know

knot tying guide

These Forty Knots brought to you by the Boy Scouts of America. Always good to know how to tie the right knot for the right situation, and this is a great little knot guide! We suggest you bookmark the page, print ...

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Stick Fish Traps

survival bushcraft fish trap

This is a great old Native American fish trapping technique. It’s best used in tidal waters rivers or creeks. The concept is to funnel finish into an area where it’s hard for them to find the way back out, it’s ...

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Mess Kit Philosophy


When it comes to backpacking the most important thing is using gear that you enjoy and know how to use. From my experience in minimalistic camping and bushcrafting, I have found that bucket style mess kits, or as our English ...

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Paiute Deadfall


As always, check with your local laws before using bushcraft and primitive methods in a non-survival situation.   The Paiute Deadfall is a fast acting kill-trap that uses cordage rather than solely sticks as seen in a figure-four deadfall. For ...

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Throwing Club


The throwing stick is one of Man’s earliest weapons and was found throughout nearly all primitive cultures. Many people are familiar with the throwing club in the form of the returning boomerang used by the aboriginal peoples of Australia. The ...

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Making Aspirin in the Bush


Out in the bush we get many scrapes and bruises. It is not a foreign thought that one day you may sprain your ankle on a hike with no help around. Here is a method that could give you an ...

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