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10 Weeds that Heal

healing weeds

So many of us look towards Roots, herbs and plants for natural organic healing, that often times Weeds are overlooked. Here are 10 Weeds That heal. These are some great ones & uses we had not seen or heard of ...

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10 Herbs that Heal

medicinal herbs

When modern medicine is not available, or if you just choose to live a all natural self sufficient life style it’s important to know and understand what natural remedies out there can do for you.  Medicinal Herbs have been in ...

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How to Make Hide Glue


A traditional skills that can be of great use in a wilderness living or long term survival situation is the making of glue from naturally available resources. There are numerous methods that will produce different types of adhesives. In this article I ...

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Stick Fish Traps

survival bushcraft fish trap

This is a great old Native American fish trapping technique. It’s best used in tidal waters rivers or creeks. The concept is to funnel finish into an area where it’s hard for them to find the way back out, it’s ...

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Horno Oven


A mud-brick oven, or horno, is a great way to bake things while in a primitive living situation. It also offers a nice solution for bringing fire into the shelter. A fire is built withing the oven. The bricks or ...

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Birch Basket


The birch basket is an expedient way to make a water-tight container. One may never need take the bark from a living tree except in dire circumstances for often times birch is available on the ground with the wood rotted ...

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Hoko Knife


A hoko is a simple yet practical knife being easily made in the bush. The first one was found in an archaeological dig near the Hoko river in Washington. A green stick is used so that the sharp stone flake ...

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Making Char Cloth


Char cloth is a simple tool used by many who enjoy the use of flint and steel fire making. The charred cloth readily receives sparks from flints and steel or ferro rods. It is then placed in a tinder bundle ...

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Straw Mat


The straw mat is a simple and effective method of staying warm in the bush. It can be made out of virtually any dried and nonpoisonous plant. It is may be used as a poncho, a blanket, or an insulating ...

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Bracken Fern Fiddlehead


The fiddlehead is perhaps one of the most well-known wild edible. It is very tasty and cooked like asparagus. Usually, when one says fiddlehead they mean the Ostrich Fern fiddlehead. This time, we are instead harvesting the bracken fern, an ...

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